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InAsia at Aarhus University

Welcome to InAsia at Aarhus University, a virtual research network connecting researchers from different faculties at Aarhus University with an interest in Asia. The Center arranges lunch lectures on Tuesdays 4 or 5 times per semester with presentations from center members.

To learn more about the center and be added to our mailing list, please contact us.        

InAsia opening conference

The first InAsia conference (previously known as CASAU) was held on September 15th - 16th 2011 at Sandbjerg Gods. Please download the Call for Papers and the program to learn more about the conference. The theme of the conference was Global-Azianization. We understand Global-Asianization as a two-way-process that includes both globalization in Asia in its many varieties (i.e. cultural exchange, economic cooperation as well as the global impact of issues such as climate change, food security etc), and the way in which Asian culture and social experience increasingly exert influence in and interact with other parts of the world.


More pictures from the conference.

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